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About Quality Discus

My name is Dimitri Biccler and after years of selective breeding and caring for all kinds of color varieties of discus fish, we have come to a beautiful discus stock. The quality is from AAA and AAAA and comes from different champion lines of discus breeders. It is always nice to watch the eggs become larvae and how the larvae go on the parents to eat the skin secretion of the flock. After some time they are supplemented with brine shrimp and then grow into discus fish of about 20 cm.


A discus belongs to the cichlid family and its original name is Symphysodon discus. The original discus comes from the Amazon region and in nature it usually lives between the mangrove wood and the mangrove roots. Now, through the years of crossings with wild caught, we have obtained beautiful offspring forms of discus. There are different color varieties and sizes. Championships and exhibitions are even organized and the fish are inspected for shape, eyes, fin rays, tail fin and body.


The discus can be kept perfectly together with some bee and companion fish such as rainbow salmon, corydoras, ancistrus, hypancistrus, L-numbers and dwarf cichlids.


Enjoy the  journey through my site and visit the beautiful photos,  videos and customer photos of my aquariums.



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